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The Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency is a division of the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security. This Agency formerly known as the Employment Exchange was established by the Government of Guyana in October 1944, for the purpose of collecting and furnishing information to employers who wish to recruit workers and persons who are seeking employment.  Since that time, the Recruitment and Manpower Division has its exchanges strategically located through out the country.


To place individuals seeking jobs in suitable employment and provide career guidance and counseling.

The Functions are:-                 
o    Registration of all unemployed persons. .

o    Registration of all unemployed persons who are actively seeking  
o    employment.

o    Maintaining a record of notified vacancies.

o    Matching jobseekers with vacancies and arrange interviews.    

o    Placement of unemployed persons for gainful employment.

o    Provide guidance and counseling for the unemployed

o    To provide all of the above with respect to Seamen.

The service offered by this division, caters for both Juveniles and Adults, and its purpose is to ensure the effective recruitment and placement of unemployed persons by assisting them with suitable employment, and to assist employers in obtaining suitable workers.

The agency registers applicants for employment, taking specific note of their occupational qualifications, experiences and desires, interviews them for employment and evaluates, if necessary, their physical and vocational abilities.

For further information, visit or contact us at the Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency at:- 
Head Office: SIMAP Building                  
237 Camp Street   
Telephone No. 225-3032

Region # 2:- Regional Democratic Building
Anna Regina
Essequibo Coast
Telephone No.: 771-5162

Region # 5:- Regional Democratic Building
Fort Wellington
West Coast Berbice

Region # 6:-Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security
21 Princess Elizabeth Road
New Amsterdam
Telephone No: 333-2885


The general administration of the unit is the responsibility of the
Chief Recruitment and Manpower Officer (ag)             - Ms. Valerie Moore

The support staff comprises:-

 Senior Recruitment and Manpower Officer (ag.)  -    Ms. Rosetta Leander                                          

          Recruitment and Manpower Officers               -   Ms. Corleen Steaman
                                         -   Ms. Merlie Branco

Persons seeking jobs should come into our offices with any of the following original documents.

    Identification Card

    Birth certificate

    Passport

    Original Academic Certificates

For employers seeking staff, send vacancy listing to (email address to be listed) listing:

    Job titles

    Job description

    Basic qualifications/skill required.

    Remuneration package

    Contact information and deadline


You may find tips for resume writing here



Congratulation! Your qualifications have been examined. You have had an interview and you have been offered the job. Your employer has therefore seen in you the kind of person who is probably right for the job. You now have to do everything in your power to maintain your employer’s confidence in your ability to perform. Your employers and seniors will be looking at you closely as far as your appearance, conduct on the job and job performance are concerned.


Your first appearance on the job on the first day will leave a lasting impression on your boss and your colleagues. You should appear business- like and should dress appropriately. You should be neat and whether in your own clothes or in company uniform. Your appearance indicates the way you feel about yourself and your job.

Conduct and Worker Relations

Your conduct must be above reproach. It will be closely observed by your supervisors and other colleagues. It is better to make a good impression from the start than to try to improve a bad impression. The following are suggestion which would enable you to maintain an acceptance standard of conduct on the job:-

1. Punctuality:

Be punctual everyday. Being a few minutes early, gives you time to prepare and start on time.

2. Attendance:

    Be present everyday. Regular absences indicate irresponsibility or inability to 
    cope with the job either mentally or physically.

3. Good Manners:

Exercising good manners enables you to get along with others. You appear more approachable to others.

4. Respect:

This is earned not demanded. Your behaviour and respect for others will earn you the respect of others.


1. Responsibility:

Accept any responsibility involved in your job. Be sure that you can handle the job that you are being paid to do. Do it to the best of your ability. Be conscientious, efficient reliable and thorough.

2. Initiative:   

You should seek ways to improve your job such as initiating more efficient systems and methods. Appropriate suggestions for improvement should be made and discussed with your Supervisor.

3. Co-operation:

Willingness to assist others, especially in areas outside of your immediate responsibility shows a co-operative spirit, and along with your other qualities may enable you to be considered for the leadership positions in the future.

4. Tolerance:

In any job which involves working with others, conflicts arise for a number of reasons. It is important to remain in control of your temper at all times. Accept others people’s criticisms and suggestions calmly. Use them for self-improvement. Give constructive and not destructive criticism.

5. Consideration:

Be considerate of others with whom you work. It is important to your relationships. You will envoy your work more and get along with others better.

6. Honesty:

This quality is of great importance especially if you handle finance, classified, confidential or restricted materials. Admit your errors. Do not cover them up with lies or allow someone to take the blame,. Honesty is a assign of maturity and assertiveness.

7. Completion of and Presentation of tasks:

When performing your duties, you should be as neat as possible. Be sure to complete the tasks assigned to you and to undertake any tidying or cleaning necessary when you are finished.

The above guidelines, if followed will not only enable you to keep the job, but will be the basis for positive reports on you and will certainly help you to obtain consideration for promotion.


You will receive some letters which begin “We regret to inform you………” Use this positively. There are several reasons why you were rejected.

•    Try to find out why. Examine the letter carefully.

•    Call the employer and ask tactfully for a feedback.

•    Take courses which may help to improve your knowledge and skills.

•    Get the support of family and friends.

•    Accept any temporary offers or jobs which may not be your first choice.

•    Get involved in volunteer work.
•    Keep active physically.

•    Do activities you enjoy.

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